Jackie Foster Interior Design
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Jackie Foster Interior Design                                                                JFIDINLV@cox.net
2880 Bicentennial Pkwy, Ste 100 # 212, Henderson, NV 89044 
          aka: Designing Interiors Collaborative, Rochester NY

 "Your dreams of achieving a wonderfully decorated living space can be fulfilled"

  Jackie Foster, an Interior Design professional and member of IDS, can help you achieve your dreams by saving you countless hours...

"I can manufacture your ideas, find the materials and/or furnishings, and have them installed without making costly mistakes."

Jackie has an extremely broad range of interior design sources.  There are far more fabrics, window and floor treatments, furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories in the marketplace than any single person can reasonably hope to know.  "My job is to keep abreast of the latest products and trends, always educating myself about the newest materials, textures and furnishings. I attend the Las Vegas World Market Center show twice per year which is a feast for an interior designer, and I have access to my resources year around. These suppliers provide the finest fabrics and furnishings, much of which is not readily available on the retail market, offering unique designs to suit your personality.  I use these products and trends to think creatively about how to use them, and if we're not finding what we want, then I have it specifically made for your needs."  Years of experience and knowledge of the product while working directly with the manufacturers and suppliers, offers countless advantages. " If something is delivered that isn't right, it can be corrected," says Jackie.  We've done this over and over again; we make it easy, and we're always looking out for the client."

My years of experience and education ensures a finished look that reflects a professional touch and unique signature within a space. I have established a network of resources, upholsterers, seamstresses, electricians, plumbers, painters & wallpaper installers, tilers & flooring installers, and contractors to handle every aspect of the design project. This working relationship forms a solid team which is a major advantage for a homeowner, eliminating many of the risks to provide the level of quality you desire in your home within your budget. These professionals have an interest in doing the job well to retain their ongoing relationship with the designer for repeat business on future projects.  We can make it happen. You want an inviting home where you can relax in comfort, entertain in style, and a place that reflects your own personal tastes and lifestyle.

A good designer will bring a clear sense of color, proportion, and line to a home or business.  Designers can transform an undefined palette into the vision you are dreaming of owning.


Jackie Foster Interior Design, 2880 Bicentennial Pkwy. Ste.100 # 212, Henderson, NV 89044
email:   JFIDINLV@cox.net

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